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Coronavirus and Its Effects on Restaurant Industry

With no doubt, one of the most affected industries by COVID-19 is the restaurant industry. In many countries, the first shops that were closed were coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, and the last ones to reopen are also them.

It is not only related to virus spread through food, but also to a high level of face to face interaction inside a place during ordering, serving, payment, and supplying ingredients procedures. Do not forget that the origin of the coronavirus spread was found out to be a Chinese restaurant. Therefore, it seems that even if the outbreak vanishes immediately, restaurant owners should change their methods of food service to prevent the pandemic.

Is This a Temporary Challenge or the Beginning of a New Era? 

Two months ago, many considered this incident to be an interim phenomenon and there was a primary consensus about exploring new vaccine and treatment options in a short time which gradually faded. Nowadays, even in an optimistic way, inventing the coronavirus vaccine or a treatment method in less than 12 months is not expected. This means that a new era with new styles of living, leisure and employment is expecting us.

People are getting used to new situations day by day and also businesses have to adapt to new conditions if they want to survive. Particularly, restaurants are on the edge of this universal change. Persistence in using the former methods and procedures can lead businesses to extinction in the new competitive environment. 

Characteristics of the Restaurants in the New Era

Restaurants in the post-pandemic era would definitely be different; not only in terms of decoration or social distancing, but also in terms of their methods in different stages of ordering, payment, feedback, and food procurement.

Less interaction and more food choice would be a privilege for restaurants, but how can we reshape the former style? USENSI would be an option to kill two birds with one stone. The least interaction with others and the most customized and personalized food choice happen simultaneously.  You can order Utables, Utablets, Ukiosks, and Uasist.

USENSI Products for Placing Orders without any Interaction

In USENSI we have 5 steps in the dining process. In each step we illustrate how USENSI makes changes in the process of preparing a safe environment for the customers of a restaurant.

electronic menu for interactive restaurants


In this level, we use face detection technology which helps us authenticate the restaurant’s guest. This is a completely touchless process, helping the restaurant manager to identify his or her customers.By utilizing this kind of identification method, people can login to their profiles and access their ordering history and their customized options for that restaurant.


This is a vital step in the dining process that USENSI has made it safer for customers. By USENSI voice ordering system, they do not need to talk directly with any waiter/ waitress. These options can apparently help customers to feel safe during their ordering process.


USENSI have a unique idea for this part! Customers can add credit to their USENSI wallets from their home or in the restaurant. They can use USENSI voice ordering system or other touchless procedures such as selective questions to pay the restaurant check. This process is really safe and secure for both customers and restaurant managers.


As we have a flexible gaming platform in USENSI, we have prepared some gesture-based games that use face movement or voice tones. This helps customers to have fun during the time they are waiting for their meal to be ready. And do not forget that this is also a touchless and a safe process.


This part of customer journey has been redesigned by using new technologies in USENSI. We use voice to text transcription technology in order to get customers’ feedback and prepare comments on the restaurant food and services. Furthermore, we have an AI-based system that is sensitive to some specific keywords. This system rates and categorizes customers’ feedback, so USENSI’s analysis system can prepare proper reports for both future customers and restaurant managers.

By digitizing the dining process in the restaurants and also using flexible platforms by USENSI, we can definitely say that USENSI can adapt itself to any complicated circumstances in the future; thus, COVID-19 is just a challenge to grow USENSI even more.
As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”