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Usensi Management Software





UASIS collects all orders and processes them to the staff for a rapid expedition

also, it is  very easy to track each table’s order


  • Checking table live status include empty, ordering, waiting and serving, so manager will not miss any key business actions or transactions!
  • Lock and unlock tables remotely
  • Chat with tables guest


UASIS has POS functionality in a smart and, easier, much more intuitive framework. Manage orders, print bills and apply smart discounts with the powerful user-friendly POS module.




easily creating a live menu for every dish,manage customized pizza, Upload pictures or even videos, write descriptions, choose a price and offer options for discounts.This smart, engaging and fun interactive menu not only sells  dishes better than ever before


check personal work data,  updates,  rewards and even comments about each staff .all it takes is a few minutes to set up the entire operation and handle at any time.

content (cms)

easily update restaurant, media library, weather, news, service and also side plans of incoming include on-table shopping, AI-base advertisements according to customers’ favourite taste and food




  • Operational Performance
  • Predictive ordering system(to analyze a restaurant’s sale and ordering pattern to more accurately predict what items will be needed in the coming weeks)
  • Revenue Metrics
  • Category Performance
  • Menu Analysis
    • Favourite foods and less ordered foods
    • Times of a high order and low order in hours and days of weeks
  • Cost control and cost monitoring

customer DASHBOARD

  • Customer Performance
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Individual Customer Analysis
  • Top Customer Behaviors




  • Play customer’s voice order
  • Smart order management in order to time-efficient cook


  • Lock table whenever the foods of the table are ready (to do serve)
  • show the time the food has already been in the process
  • Switch food to unavailable when it runs out.

UAsist AI Engine


Analyzes over 50 factors to understand guest preferences to customize their entire dining experience.


Collects a great amount of data every day to process in order to customize customers  dining experience.


Uses data of past performance to predict future orders and performance, and enables timely preventive actions to improve the restaurant’s performance.


Recommends food and drink pairings based on the guest’s history and preferences, item relationship and over 10 other factors for more effective selling.

Usensi Smart Watch


To have a better performance, every waiter in a smart restaurant can be provided with his own Uwatch or personal Usensi Smart Watch. Uwatch has the benefit of tracking each waiter’s activity and instantly transferring the information directly to the staff management center.


Integrate with Online Food Ordering Portals


Managing different online food delivery portals is not an easy task. We have integrated our restaurant management system with food portals like UberEats that provide restaurants with an opportunity to operate easily and expand their businesses.

Third-party Software and Hardware Integration

Usensi Restaurant Management Software is integrated with third-party hardware and software systems. Caller ID systems, biometric devices, weigh scales, POS peripherals, financial accounting software, credit card server, PMS and much more.