What is multi-touch?

Multi-touch refers to a touch system´s ability to simultaneously detect and resolve a minimum of 3+ touch points. All 3 or more touches are detected and fully resolved resulting in a dramatically improved touch experience.

Do Interactive tables support software that does not have multitouch-application use?

Yes, but they only support single-touch features. You can not use the software in multi-touch functionality.

Can Interactive tables have network connections?

All our Interactive tables come with a LAN/Ethernet port and WiFi Adapter installed.

Does Usensi also develop multi-touch software?

Yes, we specialize in developing custom branded software for your specific business needs: be it a restaurant menu, hotel info, business directory, shopping center or retail, way-finding, museum, real estate, educational, etc. We are award winning designers in (UI) User Interface, (UX) User Experience and (HCI) Human Computer Interaction, and can help you create the most engaging experience for your brand.

Does USENSI software work on all Operating Systems?

Typically, software can be developed for one operating system either Android, Windows, iOS, or Linux, depending on the hardware and OS of your product.  However, it’s possible to do add 2 OS, where you can switch from Windows to Android OS by request.

Will I be able to use all my existing applications on my computer with the touch screen?

Yes. There is no conflict between the touch screen drivers and your applications. However, these applications are designed to be use with a cursor, which is much smaller than a human finger. You may find it difficult to click on smaller icons such as the window close button. Consequently a touch screen interface is often written for point-of-information applications using bigger buttons.

In what languages is the software available?

Usensi’s software  is available in English,Arabic and Persian languages  . The application is multi-language and is easily adaptable to new languages.

How can I add new apps to Usensi's application center?

you can easily buy and download extra apps from the email sent to you, then install it in the same directory as Usensi app center installed before.

Can I Order my customized app?

yes, you can send us your needed options by email, and then we reply you in 24 hours.

Will the touch screen work if I’m wearing gloves?

This depends on the technology used. For instance, resistive technology works with a gloved hand while capacitive won´t.

Does Usensi offer branding and choice of color on products?

Yes, we can print your logo on the product in the placement and dimensions you want; and we use the RAL color system to paint the product in your choice of color that matches your brand.

What is the process for customization?

Customization can take 30-60 days to or longer to complete. First, either we design a product for you or you submit a design concept. We then give it to our design department, who make a 3D model of your design with the specifications you have provided. This process usually takes 3-5 days. We then send the design back to you for your approval. Once approved, the design goes into manufacturing and is produced in the best choice of materials that match your design. We then configure the touchscreen technology you have requested with the computer components. The product is then tested and calibrated. The next step is to pack, crate, weigh, and ship the product for delivery to your door.

How do you clean an interactive table?

The screen is very durable, you only need an ammonia-free household glass cleaner to clean it.  You can also dilute a 50/50 Windex and water solution.  It is recommended to spray the cleaner on the cloth, rather than directly on the screen.

What is the restaurant table specification suited for this application?

Restaurant table is water proof and anti scratch screen, the monitor is industrial and can be on for 18 hours per day

Do usensi multitouch products come with a warranty?

Yes, our multi touch products come with a 1 Year Warranty

warrants the touch products and accessories contained in the original packaging against defects in materials and workmanship when in use normally in accordance with Uensi’s published guidelines for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user purchaser. We offer an extended 3 year Multicare Plus Warranty that may be purchased with your product for 12% of the purchase price. Purchase orders of 20+ products come with 101% of the production order. Damage from users are not covered under the warranty.

June 25, 2018