Utable, as an interactive dining table, replaces human waiters and paper menus.  It is the future of the restaurant business and a new trend of dining and communicating in the hospitality industry.

Guest engagement and customer loyalty programs are the key features of Utable. Besides, order and payment are totally revolutionized.

People do not have to choose food from a regular menu that is designed for all the customers; instead, they order according to their tastes and it allows them to make their own dishes.

 Customer’s Interactive Dining Experience with UTable

Usensi’s Table Software


easy identification

The artificial eye of Utable, which is connected to a neural network, can immediately identify the guests.

customized greeting

A variety of gamified methods are available, so you can choose the best way to greet your customers.


smart ordering

Customers can order customized meals or choose the recomended dishes based on their preferences.

Optimized menu

Menus can be tailored based on different factors, such as time, price, trending items and more.

contactless ordering

Customers can place their orders without any contact by the help of Utable’s voice ordering technology.


Customers can get points by making orders or giving feedback. The bonuses are then used to give them discounts.



Bills can be viewed, payments can be made, and loyalty points can be collected.

smart promotion

Customers can be provided with discounts on their favorite items based on their history.

Payment methods

  • Biometric payment
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Mobile QR code
  • NFC mobile wallet
  • Online payment



Customers can play multiplayer games, read magazines, watch videos, surf the net, shop at local markets, and more…


Advertisements can be displayed on menus, games, and magazines.



Feedbacks including ratings and comments can be collected with its gamification-based system.


AI and data analytics center are used for analyzing customer feedback.

What Is the Benefit of UTable?

Customers’ Benefits


personalized speedy services

Customers are able to place their orders quickly and accurately according to their preferences without any waste of time.

contactless operation

Motion-based or voice-based systems have made it possible for customers to order, play and pay their checks.

effective user experience

Easy and interesting user interface attracts customers during their dining journey from ordering to payment.

optimized menu

Data-driven and optimized menus, including customers' favorite dishes and high-value items, are used.

Managers’ Benefits

drive key metrics

The data-driven analysis provided by Utable is used to help managers make better decisions to increase profit and improve guest experience.


The cloud-based content management system allows for real-time updates regarding the sales items.

customer behavior analysis

Customers’ detailed behavior can be analyzed so that an optimized menu and food recommendations can be developed to increase their satisfaction.

feedback analysis

Customers’ experiences are improved by collecting their feedback and analyzing their preferences.

Marketing Benefits

Free digital marketing

Customers can willingly promote the restaurant all by themselves by the use of social media.

smart promotion

Powerful customer segmentation allows restaurants to run specific promotions and offer discounts.

smart advertisement

Recognize customers’ preferences and publish smart ads in the right places on UTable.

free subscription

Quicker ROI and lower upfront investment are possible with registering customers’ information.

UTable Hardware Specifications

Usensi Smart Table is the best choice to revolutionize your restaurant profit with an ROI of less than one year and the most user-friendly design.


• Aluminium Body Design


• Hand/Object Recognition

• Biometric Identification

• Motion-Based Surface



• 49″ LED Display

• Ultra HD Resolution


• NFC, Mobile app & QR code

• For an Easy Access to Customers’ Accounts


• 3GH.z Quad-Core Intel Corei7

• 8GB DDR3 Memory

• 128GB SSD


• 8mm Unbreakable Glass

• Gesture Sensor

• 60 Multi-Touch Surface

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