A Revolution in In-store Dining Experience

           To differentiate your restaurant business, digitalizing it even for physical locations is very vital. Usensi Ukiosk could be a powerful sales machine, providing all customers with an engaging step to order and pay. and even give feedback directly from the kiosk itself. It is the way to meet consumers’s preference and win in this evolving digital world.
This powerful and intelligent device can be used for shopping and advertising.


Customer Dining Journey Experience on UKiosk

Usensi Kiosk Software


easy identification

Recognize guest with light-sensing electronics(artificial eye) connected to a neural network in just a nanosecond

customized greeting

 The first step to engaging the customer is to greet them as they like! It could be done by various gamified method. 


smart ordering

food recommendation and customizable dishes based on customer’s history& preference,

Optimized menu

Tailor menu based on time, price, weather, restaurant traffic and trending menu items

contactless ordering

order  without any contact with the ability of voice assistant ordering using Amazon echo and google API


get points by each food’s order or feedback.the points is usable with customer’s favourite discount



view bill, make payment and collect loyalty points

smart promotion

based on customers history smart discount on favourite items 

Payment method

  • magnetic card reader
  • mobile QR code
  • NFC mobile wallet
  • online payment
  • biometric payment



advertising in menu, games, magazines



Collect Feedbacks include rating and comment with gamification base


analysis of the feedbacks by AI and data analytics center

What is the benefit of Ukiosk

Be ultimate, Choose Ukiosk

 Customer’s benefit

personalized speedy services

Customers are able to place their orders quickly and accurately according to their preferences without any waste of time.

contactless operation

Motion-based or voice-based systems have made it possible for customers to order, play and pay their checks.

effective user experience

Easy and interesting user interface attracts customers during their dining journey from ordering to payment.

optimized menu

Data-driven and optimized menus, including customers' favorite dishes and high-value items, are used.

Manager’s benefit

drive key metrics

data-driven analysis  from utablet is used to improve management decision to increase profit and better guest experience


The cloud-based and comprehensive content management system allows for real-time updates on sales item

customer behavior analysis

 know customer’s detailed behaviour to drive optimized menu and food recommendation to  increase their satisfaction

feedback analysis

 collect customers’ feedback, analyze their preferences to personalize and improve customer experience

Marketing’s benefit

Free digital marketing

guests can enthusiastically promote the restaurant all by themselves by social media

smart promotion

Powerful customer segmentation allows restaurant to run specific promotions& discount for each 

smart advertisement

know customer’s preference give opportunity to have a smart ad in the right situation on utablet

free subscription

Registering customer’s useful information need Lower upfront investment, delivers quicker ROI

Ukiosk hardware specification

Usensi Smart kiosks are the best technology to digitalize the physical location of restaurants to make a revolution in your restaurant profit,  with an ROI of less than 1 year with the most convenient design.


  • Easily installed
  • Metal design
  • super cooling


  • Biometric recognition
  • (face recognition, Artificial eyes)



  • 32″ IPS LED display
  • 10 touchpoints
  • 4k resolution

    Additional Feature

  • camera(optional)
  • thermal printer


  • CPU intel core i5 8th Gen
  • 4G Ram DDR4
  • 64G memory


  •   Accept all mobile payment
  •   Encrypted magstripe reader

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