interactive restaurant devices by usensi

Forget making money with traditional marketing. It’s time for you to let new sales methods help your business grow; especially during the coronavirus time. In Usensi, we don’t limit ourselves to just selling the dishes of the restaurants with modern interactive devices. Actually, we have a monster called the “sales machine”!

Thanks to our Utable, Utablet and Ukiosk, we are able to advertise everything close to your restaurant or your café. In fact, it’s local marketing with a new aspect. In this way, you will benefit from the sealed deal besides increasing revenue in your business.

Just think about it! While your guests are waiting to receive their yummy meals which are made based on their taste, they can be aware of the current seasonal sales and various kinds of promotion around the place. Customers can even have this opportunity to plan their upcoming vacation with the incredible offers of various agencies. They can also take a taxi directly in their favorable time. Finally, your business can earn more money by getting percentages of each deal made.

In local marketing, the target market for owners of businesses can be the stores located in the neighborhood, so the advertisement notifications are dispatched to the local target group. Actually, in the past, local marketing had various types. For example, some businesses made contact with their customers directly via email or through city events, sponsorship of local groups or advertisements in the town magazines. But we are in the advanced technology era! We should be fully aware of the new techniques and technologies which are developing every day. Hence, all businesses, particularly all restaurants and cafes, should be updated by the use of new methods and high-tech devices in order to survive in the market.

By applying Usensi technologies, such as Utable, Utablet, and Ukiosk, all businesses are able to supervise an incredibly strong advertising network. It’s like you have a TV channel owned by yourself. You have this chance to present interesting offers related to your products and services to potential customers. By utilizing Usensi devices and as a result, attracting more customers, you can double your revenue.
Furthermore, by creating a free of charge social network for diners and building close relationships, each guest would count as a sales representative of your business. Motivated proximity marketing and social marketing offered by us are just some of our strengths. Definitely, this method will be much more useful than the usual path.
The recent surveys done by market analysts show that local marketing along with interactive media will have a major role in clients’ networks in the future compared to the mass marketing network which has the lowest interest rate among customers. This fact illustrates that strengthening relationships and keeping customers and restaurants in touch will be expanded.
It’s evident that all the aspects of our lives are affected by Covid-19 in the recent months and we can’t ignore the devastating effects of this virus on our life style. Unfortunately, the world economy is seriously damaged and various businesses have been failing due to the spread of this virus. Food industry and especially restaurants are no exception in the coronavirus crisis.
To prevent the spread of this evil virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked people to respect social and physical distancing and to stay at their homes. For instance, we should work from home in lieu of the office. Meanwhile, all sports matches are cancelled, educational centers are closed and virtual classes are held instead. Taking into consideration all these incidents, the dining social network (DSN) of Usensi can be really beneficial for both clients and restaurant owners.

technology to order at table for food

As a matter of fact, the DSN of Usensi can support the owner of the restaurant and his or her guests at the same time. In other words, through DSN, the manager doesn’t lose customers, but gains even more revenue as we can offer clients enjoyable meals in accordance with their taste. On the other hand, customers can have the benefit of having their desirable food and services without leaving their home and breaking quarantine. Furthermore, given the customer database in DSN, Usensi devices are able to present promotions, various online games, and many kinds of health and medical packages according to their needs based on their search and purchase history.

In fact, we analyze consumer buying behavior to be able to predict their future orders.
This way, customers aren’t forced to get out of their houses and walk in shopping centers for many hours in order to buy what they need. By using the Usensi devices, they can take even a small step to curb Covid-19.
In the age of technology, interactive tables and related devices have an important role in the food industry, and Utable, Utablet and Ukiosk of Usensi are becoming supplementary elements for innovative restaurants. At this moment, the touch tables, tablets and self-ordering kiosks are considered highly effective factors to differentiate restaurants. In fact, they can turn into the best competitive elements in food industry as they can improve guest satisfaction besides increasing restaurant revenue.
Last but not least, we’re fully aware that selling and marketing are important factors in the competitive industry; therefore, we should always have a glance at the future in order to stay at the best place in the competitive world of food.