Interactive Floor / Wall

Interactive Floor is a virtual display on floor which reacts to pedestrian movement in a charming way.

there are many effects which can be modified according  to your brand and needs. it can be used every where that you need to advertise by attracting people in a creative way.

Some of places which can be used are shopping malls, wedding halls, airports, kindergartens, amusement parks, exhibitions and so on.

Various effects with a management software to control the effects, give you a playlist of beautiful effects which is modified based on your especial audience.


Interactive Wall is a modern interactive platform for advertisement and any user engagement application.

Charming Effects

More than 100 effects includes games, kid effects, wedding effects, etc. you can easily edit some of effects and change the background image, background music and your logo.

Time Control

You can set the working hours of interactive floor. Automatically IF will be turned on, on specified time and will shut down on time you specified.

Remote Management

A management dashboard is available for making playlists, sort them and set the duration to play the effects in desired manner. Control on projector and changing the camera settings is another part of management tool.

Multiple Display Support

For most of applications, the area which should be covered by interactive floor is looks like rec carpet, so multiple projector with precise alignment is needed. we support multiple display as output in a way you can play the effect all over the IF.

Customized Effects

Any desired effect can be developed according to what is on your mind. You can easily add up your effect in .swf format by mini convert tool in software.

Auto Light Adaptation

The hardware and software automatically adjusts to the changing ambient light conditions to provide accurate sensing in environment like malls, airports & open spaces

July 2, 2018