About us

Usensi is an innovative and technology-based company focused on interactive and touch solutions. It develops interactive experience to help brands, products, and businesses, digitally introduce themselves. Our primary focus is interactive software development, multi-touch hardware, creative strategy, branding, and experience design.

We believe that interactive technology is the precipice of a revolution in marketing, retail, and business on a global level. A touch screen provides more than just a new medium – It empowers your brand to reach your audience in a captivating way.

We love being asked to do what has never been done before in interactive technology. By fully immersing ourselves in each client’s brand and vision we leverage our strengths in experience design to build interactive environments that create engaging products, services, and implementations. Our software development capabilities extend from mobile and tablet applications to large format hardware such as touch tables and touch video walls. With Usensi, you’re always one step ahead of the competition. Here at Usensi we’re happy about what we do – sometimes we’re even giddy about it. But when it comes to our business helping your business succeed – we’re serious! Manufacturer of touch products optimized for various applications and relied on quality and smoothness.

July 2, 2018