About Us

We are a group of innovative engineers, creative designers and brilliant strategists.
We identify the value and unrecognized needs of the F&B industry. Our mission is to make a business more valuable for the manager and more enjoyable for the customer by proposing innovative and enterprise-grade solutions.
We believe in cutting-edge technology-based value creation. Usensi has over 5 years of experience of joining art and beauty with interactive technology. We are obsessively passionate about making our customers’ businesses superior by shaping the amazing experience of dining.

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Our Story

It all started with a life-changing startup weekend event in 2015 and as a result, an idea was born by Marzieh Khazaee. It was called “Novintouch” which started to introduce interactive products to the market of IRAN for various fields of business. Meanwhile, we implemented the first information kiosk with the gamification method and interactive floor which received positive feedback from restaurant owners and customers, leading to “Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)” accepting us.

Early Growth with

Interactive Products

We developed an interactive floor, interactive wall, touch table, self-order kiosk and multi-touch software for F&B industry, exhibition industry, and customized softwares. After a glimpse into the demand, we shifted our focus from interactive products for such businesses to restaurant software and hardware products; taking our first round of personal investment in 2017 and changing our marketing strategy to only branded restaurants.

Fresh Start

We rebranded from Novintouch to Usensi in 2018. We implemented the project of “next generation of dining” for the first time in 5+ mega cities in Iran, creating a modern atmosphere in restaurants with Utable where the customer can order, pay and play, using gamification in combination with artificial intelligence. According to a survey, it results in a great difference in restaurant performance, including 25% increase in revenue, 95% customer satisfaction and 75% user experience improvement.


With AI-based business management and data analytics being more important than ever, in 2020, we made a decision and arranged a team of experts with international experience from Canada, to develop our products and marketing strategies in order to grow rapidly and become a global company in a new and prosperous environment.

Where does the name “Usensi” come from?

“U” with a line inside, indicates the concept of touchpoints.

Also,” I “indicates interactive, information and intelligence which are the elements of our products.

“U”, “sense” and “I” consist of 3 words which show we are connected with information and intelligence through sensing interactive touch products such as tables, tablets and kiosks.

Marzieh khazaee

Founder and CEO

She is a challenge-lover manager who has a dream for a better world! She believes that science is just science until you make use of it to improve the world.

Ali Pahlavani

Hardware manager

Ali is distinctive, innovative, flexible and responsive. Owing to his interests, experiences and attitude, he strives to be a problem solver and change maker.

Navid Nezafati

Marketing manager

Navid is a marketing hustler. He believes marketing is an appropriate showcase of your capabilities and the key to a successful business.

Sahar Samadi

Sales manager

Sales and marketing isn’t her work. It’s her Passion! Sahar believes that there is always something new to create, learn and adapt.

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