Powerful AI-based Assistant for Restaurant Management

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Usensi performs as a virtual manager to rock restaurants’ profitability by slashing staff costs, reducing food waste and improving customers’ loyalty by the help of incredibly customized operations and modern tools like touch tables, touch kiosks and tablets.

Touch-less Motion-based Interactive Hardware

  The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary to develop effective techniques to alternate touch systems. This incident led our team to create motion-based experiences for restaurants.

Our Interactive Hardware Solutions


A smart special waiter available at all times on each table in a restaurant where the customer is the king.


A new style of customers’ dining experience, interacting happily with their family and friends for customers.


A powerful self-service food ordering system which takes and manages customers’ orders instead of a cashier.


Restaurant Management Virtual Assistant Software

A modern cloud-based application that integrates AI and data mining tools to produce recommendations, prediction and  analysis of processes in a restaurant. You can handle all Usensi devices at the restaurant and manage their contents online anytime and anywhere.

How Usensi Works

Usensi offers a comprehensive AI-based solution for smarter management and customer behavior analysis that integrates seamlessly into existing operations, giving you a complete control of the restaurant operations and consumer engagement.


It is vital to realize your current situation to support your restaurant with the right products and options. We provide technologies based on your needs to help you reach higher levels of performance.

Build & Install

We install the appropriate hardware and software that is best to improve your restaurant’s performance. It could be a touchless or a touch screen hardware. It is extremely easy to manage the restaurant by a cloud-based smart system.

Train & Evaluate

The last thing is to dedicate an expert, in person or online, to train your staff, optimize your system, and evaluate your system’s performance to reach its goal. It is our ultimate purpose to improve your revenue and make your management super easy.


Increased Revenue


Customer Satisfaction

Why Invest in Usensi?

Usensi smart hardware is a new form of building your community as it works as an unbelievably powerful advertising channel.

It is like broadcasting your own media with more control!

Usensi is the new method of generating more income and increasing revenue in your business!

increased sales

Smart ordering encourages guests to order more. It increases up-selling and cross-selling.

guest frequency

It provides a better guest experience so they are interested to make exciting memories frequently!

Reduce labor cost

Restaurants need less staff to satisfy the guests while delivering a high quality guest experience.

Reduce food waste

By analyzing a restaurant’s sales and ordering pattern, it is possible to reduce waste by predicting what items will be needed.

Integrated opEration

All operations are seamlessly integrated to create an exceptional dining experience.

smart analytics

All the data extracted from the devices are analyzed for the customer behavior design and a better user experience.

faster turn over

It is so easy to order and experience secure payments so it speeds up table-turn, and increase customer satisfaction.

free social marketing

Close integration with major social networks, cause promote the restaurant all by guest.


Join the revolution of dinning experience!

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What Successful Managers Have Told About Us

Usensi’s Ukiosk is a very comprehensive solution that has helped our cafe to reach the defined sales target. It makes management much easier!

Mohammad Ghazi

General Manager, Khajo cafe

I know Usensi since they started to follow their dream near 5 years ago. They are strongly hardworking and determined to reach their goal.

Ali Jahedi

Director, Khorasan Science & Tech Park (KSTP)

Usensi’s Utable has provided our business with a great improvement in terms of increasing sales and cutting labour cost.

Ali Seyedi

Manager of Rasht Fried City

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